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Tjäreborg launched Finland’s first interactive mobile marketing campaign with 360° videos. Produced by FinCloud

Project Description

Tjäreborg takes customers to mobile virtual tours. 360° video have great potential for travel industry.

Tjäreborg launched first in Finland an interactive mobile marketing campaign with 360° videos. The videos produced with Finnish 360° video company FinCloud Ltd. take customers to see and experience New York and London.
The significance of web and especially mobile usage has grown also for the travel industry. For most travellers the holiday of dreams starts online.

“This year we have seen a tremendous growth in both mobile sessions and purchases from smartphones. The growth in mobile sales was an impressive 170 percent year-over-year”, explains Hans Broman, Web and E-commerce Manager at Tjäreborg.

Tjäreborg offers a possibility to take an interactive mobile tour around two big cities. With 360° video technology customers can virtually cruise around New York and London. They can explore and experience the destinations and even move within altogether 16 video clips. The interactive 360-video campaign with multiple videos is first of its kind in Finland.

The videos function with mobile devices without special glasses. Besides getting to know the destination, in the future it could also be possible to explore different types of hotels and hotel rooms before making the purchasing decision. Producing real time live 360° video stream is also possible.

The first step towards virtual tours

For Tjäreborg the 360° videos are a new possibility to serve customers better. 360° videos are the first step towards virtual tours. In the future even the farthest locations are at reach during lunch break. Witnessing a beautiful sunset at your favorite hotel’s balcony in real time could be a special treat after a busy week.

“Virtual reality combined with good storytelling and content marketing gives marketers powerful tools to step out from ordinary advertising. When it comes to mobile advertising, virtual reality is a great opportunity to get customers to spend more time with our brand and our products. After all, we are partly selling holiday dreams”, notes Anu Koskinen, Marketing Manager at Tjäreborg.

Tjäreborg is the third biggest tour operator in Finland. The company founded in 1966 in Finland sends approximately 185.000 guests on holiday every year.

Tjäreborg is part of Thomas Cook Northern Europe with activities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Thomas Cook Northern Europe sells 1,5 million holidays each year, and the company employs more than 3.000 employees in more than 200 locations all over the world.

Thomas Cook Northern Europe is part of Thomas Cook Group plc, which is a leading international leisure travel group. Thomas Cook Group plc sells approximately 23 million holidays each year.

FinCloud is 360°/VR video production company providing production, live streaming and customizable mobile video services. FinCloud Ltd, in collaboration with its partner Finwe Ltd are the global leaders in their field.

Project Details

  • Client Tjäreborg
  • Date 10/11/2015
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