Linnan jatkot 360° Live FinCloud Ltd.

FinCloud together with its partners Ateme, Kolor and Finwe broadcasted a Finland’s first 360° live stream from legendary hotel Kämp Helsinki 2014. Operating under shared brand LiveSphere, team streamed full one hour event to Android and iOS mobile apps.

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360-degree video provides an interesting and immersive experience to the viewer, giving them the satisfaction of ‘peeking’ beyond the perimeter of the screen to see what is happening while giving the illusion that they are in the center of the action. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to see the event from a totally new perspective, emphasizing the live stream when the other TV cameras are not broadcasting.”

says Sanna Hautamäki, producer, YLE

Linnan jatkot 360° Live FinCloud Ltd.
Linnan jatkot 360° Live FinCloud Ltd.
  • Streaming the Presidential Independence Day “After Party” – A tradition since 1919, the historical event known informally as Linnanjuhlat (“the Castle Ball”) is attended by dignitaries including the knights of the Mannerheim Cross, members of the Parliament of Finland, past Finnish presidents, various diplomats, entertainers and more. The “After Party” features live music, performances and interviews into the night, attracting more than 50,000 individual “second screen” viewers in 2013. A portion of this year’s event was broadcast live using LiveSphere and was made available to YLE Areena users.
  • LiveSphere provides live 360-degree television experience to home viewers – A 360-degree camera system was positioned in the “Peilisali” – the miror room.
  • Live coverage of the event was broadcast in parallel to the on-air TV broadcast, allowing viewers to choose and dynamically modify their field of view by either moving the display or touching the screen.

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